Youjo Senki Mixes WWI, Magic, and a Killer Loli

A crazy loli?


Alternate take on World War I?

Youjo Senki


Powerful magic?


You might want to give Youjo Senki a look.

Youjo Senki


Youjo Senki continues the trend of cute girls fighting in World Wars, which was started with Strike Witches. However, the lead character of Youjo Senki is absolutly insane!

Tanya Degurechaff is psycho loli who is the deadliest mage in the Imperial Military. Anyone who crosses her, be it friend or foe, tend to have a short life span. Lolis are a dime-a-dozen in the industry, but it is very rare to see a character as evil as Tanya lead a series.


Alternate World War I

Youjo Senki

History buffs may go a little crazy, but don't try to think too hard about the events that inspired Youjo Senki.

The trenches, uniforms, guns, and battle map are clearly inspired by World War I. However, the dates are way off. World War I lasted from 1914 to 1918, while the series' war takes place in 1924. The fictional names may also be a minor irritant. 

However, this is an alternate take on a war; much like Izetta: The Last Witch was alternate take on World War II.


A Grab Bag of Animation Quality.

Youjo Senki is the first project for Studio NuT. The studio is made up of former Madhouse staff members, which explains the darker color pallet.

That being said, Youjo Senki's first episode is a mixed bag of animation quality. The action scenes and CGI elements look great; especially when Tanya uses her killer spells.

But the character designs are kind off weird, especially if you are a fan of the light novel. Tanya and Visha have huge eyes and fish lips, which looks really bizarre because the other characters look more standard.

Just compare their designs to those found in the light novel:

Youjo SenkiYoujo Senki



Youjo SenkiYoujo Senki



An Entertaining Debut for Action Fans

Not much was shown off story wise. Literally all was said is that Vaterland is fighting a losing battle defending their borders.

The majority of the episode is pure action…and it's not really censored! Head shots produce pop, a decapitation is shown, and some bodies are burnt to a crisp. The sound design, especially for the magic blasts, add weight to the visual carnage.

All said, the first episode skipped half of volume 1 to get to the big action scenes. Youjo Senki can always go back to show the back story, but that is something to keep in mind.

Who can say no to a killer loli?

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