What Older Anime Would You Love to See Remade?

There is a lot of great older anime, but they can be so hard to find at times. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see their favorite stories updated with modern art and some new twists?

Ranma 1/2

One of my favorites is Ranma ½ — I’m obsessed with the series! I’ve read the manga, watched the original anime, and even have the remastered editions on Blu-ray.

The mix of martial arts action and rom-com seems like a home run in today’s landscape, plus Ranma constantly switching between a boy and girl leads to funny (and interesting) situations! Who doesn’t love a canonical gender-bender?

I’d love to see action scenes drawn with modern techniques, and maybe they could update the world to fit into a setting — idk, I kind of love the aesthetic as is.

It’s a shame newer fans don’t give Ranma ½ a chance since it’s older, and I’m sure die-hard fans would love to see a non-filler ending in the anime.

Ranma 1/2

Anyways, what older anime would you like to see remade?

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