What Anime Made You Drop It After The First Episode?

There is a somewhat unwritten rule when it comes to anime, and that is the “Three Episode” rule. For those unaware, it’s the rule in that you give an anime three episodes before you decide to either continue watching it or you drop it. This is because usually, most anime would have shown the gist of everything by that point.

But sometimes, you don’t even get that far. Sometimes, you may drop the anime right after the first episode.

Reasons for this may differ, from the story to the animation, but everyone out there has dropped at least one anime from the first episode.

Hand Shakers is one of the more recent anime to suffer from this.

This is more of a rare occurrence, but with discussions of how anime has progressed over time, it may appear more common than you realize.

So what anime have you dropped after the first episode?

Xane Kudo
The guy who loves Yuri and everything about Yuri. I also fight Fluffy Bacon Echidnas.
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