Tomislav Jagnjics Art

Please enjoy these amazing pieces of art by Tomislav Jagnjics! (All names are the actual names of the pieces).

-Cover me

-yo bro is it safe down there in the woods? yeah man it’s cool

-nope. wrong way, turn around

-hey psst, wanna buy some cubes

-How do you mean you don’t wanna go outside?

-The queen’s orders

-secret hideout

-wolf rider speed paint

-le portrait







SOURCETomislav Jagnjics
Ohayou! I'm slowly learning Japanese but struggle remembering what is the polite way versus the rough way to say things. When I'm hungry do I say I want to 'kuu' or 'taberu' or 'meshi agaru'? I just want to eat, cosplay, and watch anime without subtitles.
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