‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Fans Demand Ishida Commit Suicide After New Chapter

Fans are calling the latest chapter "homophobic" and are burning physical copies of the manga.

The following post will have spoilers for the latest Tokyo Ghoul:re manga chapter.

Tokyo Ghoul

The international fanbase went insane after chapter 125 of Tokyo Ghoul leaked online. Scanners quickly translated the chapter and fans were eager to read it, but a large segment of the fanbase went apeshit upon learning that Kaneki and Touka have sex!

If you’ve read Tokyo Ghoul from the start or watched the anime, you’ll know that it is obvious that Kaneki and Touka have feelings for each other. But, a dedicated segment of fans were adamant that Kaneki and his male best friend Hide would end up as a couple…only to have their ship destroyed by Sui Ishida.

Most fanbases have ravenous shipping wars, and it’s not uncommon for popular ships to sink because they don’t fit into the story. Even Fairy Tail creator Hiro Mashima had to plead with his fans to stop attacking each other based on shipping.

Tokyo Ghoul

Sadly, Tokyo Ghoul fans didn’t get the message as they promptly attacked Ishida on social media with claims that he is homophobic and sharing pictures burning Tokyo Ghoul manga copies. Some fans even demanded that Ishida commits suicide while sharing their joy in pirating the series instead of legally supporting their once favorite manga.

However, there are Tokyo Ghoul fans who are teaming up to show Ishida their appreciation for his work and to counter-balance the vile comments towards him. The Tokyo Ghoul subreddit is planning on a campaign to send Ishida positive messages and fanart using the hashtag #IshidaAppreciation around May 27th or June 1st.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is an insanely popular series and attracts all kinds of fans that get invested into the series. But it’s like Mashima said, “Authors cannot fulfill every wish their fans have. We have our own conviction when creating our stories.”

I love all things that are cute, magic-based, and easy going! My biggest obsessions of all time are Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches and Fairy Tail. Let's go shipping!
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