‘Though You May Burn to Ash’ Manga Creator Has Passed Away

Kadokawa’s Monthly Dragon Age made a sad announcement: mangaka Kakashi Oniyazu has passed away.

The magazine confirmed that Oniyazu passed away on February 2nd, a full week after he went to get a pacemaker. Oniyazu’s last Tweet was telling fans that he was getting the surgery due to some blockage in his heart. Monthly Dragon Age didn’t state if Oniyazu passed away due to complications from the surgery.

The timing may seem odd, but keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for Japanese outlets to delay announcing a death so families can grieve in private.

Though You May Burn to Ash

Oniyazu’s claim to fame was Though You May Burn to Ash (Tatoe Hai ni Natte mo). Shinomiya is desperately trying to earn 1 billion yen for his sister’s medical treatment. He meets a literal angel who offers him a ticket to a game — only for him to die in an accident. Following death, Shinomiya is turned into a girl and forced to play a death game to earn 999 billion yen. While the other contestants are desperate to win, it’s their angelic host that they need to worry about.

Though You May Burn to Ash was launched in 2014 and was serialized in Square Enix’s Young Gangan. The magazine announced the manga’s cancellation shortly after Oniyazu’s death was made official. Chapter 56, which was published on February 1st, is the manga’s premature finale.

Though You May Burn to Ash

Oniyazu’s other works include Banana no NanaDate Ast LikeEcstas Online, and Pantser Princess.

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