This Week’s Pixiv Rankings is Filled with Amazing ‘Fate’ Art

I hope you love the Fate franchise because this week’s Pixiv rankings is dominated by the series!


2Original Art

Hiten■三日目東シ07a (NSFW) | Pixiv

3Fate/Grand Order

lack | Pixiv

4Original Art

月岡月穂 | Pixiv

5Fate/stay night

Bison倉鼠 | Pixiv

6Fate/Grand Order

巖本英利 | Pixiv

7Original Art

藤原 | Pixiv

8Original Art

| Pixiv

9Sachi-iro no One Room [Official Art]

はくり | Pixiv

11Fate/Grand Order

末武(菌類) | Pixiv

12Fate/Grand Order

冬木 | Pixiv

13Original Art

Aちき | Pixiv

14Fate/Grand Order

なべんこ⇒2日目エ24a (NSFW) | Pixiv

15Land of the Lustrous

Azomo | Pixiv

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