The ‘Juni Taisen’ Stage Play Cast is Next Level Cosplay Goals

The Juni Taisen: Zodiac Wars thrilled fans with its battle royale action and some interesting characters. Now, the series is getting a stage play adaptation that will be performed at the Shin Kobe Oriental City venue in Kobe and THEATRE1010 venue in Tokyo in early May.

You may not be able to see the performance if you aren’t in Japan at the time, but you can certainly appreciate the cast’s killer costumes! There are some serious cosplay goals for Juni Taisen fanatics.


1Asana Mamoru as Boar


2Ryo Kitamura as Rat


3Yui Umemura as Rooster


4Kouji Saikawa as Rabbit


5Yume Takeuchi as Monkey


6Koudai Takikawa as Ox


7Miho Imamura as Tiger


8Shin’ya Hasegawa as Snake


9Shouhei Hashimoto as Dragon


10Tatsuya Isaka as Dog


11Masafumi Yokoyama as Horse


12Yuuya Hara as Sheep


13Shuuhei Izumi as Duedeculpe


Now those are some sick costumes!

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