The Internet is Obsessing Over Dragon Ball’s Android 21

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Akira Toriyama was creating an original character for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21, who is being billed as the lead villain in a “What If” story mode, is the latest android in the franchise. She is said to be one of the smartest characters in Dragon Ball, but none of that matters since fans immediately fell in love with her aesthetic.


1.Android 21

OHLAND-ァォィホノォ | Pixiv

2. Android 21

Abysswatchers | Pixiv


3. Android 21

Jadenkaiba (NSFW) | Pixiv


4. Android 21

Liefeldian Abomination | Tumblr


5. Android 21

BossTseng | Pixiv


6. Android 21

Kinucakes (NSFW) | Twitter


7. Android 21

Toast-Kami | Tumblr


8. Android 21

人斬り Battousai! | Twitter


9. Android 21

Dejaguar ★ CEOtaku | Twitter


10. Android 21

藤井英俊@お仕事募集中 | Twitter


11. Android 21

Jadenkaiba (NSFW) | Pixiv


12. Android 21

Gannadene | Deviantart


13. Android 21

liyary | Tumblr

14.Android 21

CoreyCyan-X | Twitter

What are your favorite Android 21 fan art pieces?

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