‘The Glassworker’ is a Ghibli Inspired Anime From Pakistan

Studio Ghibli has been inspiring generations of international artists since the mid-80s. Their dedication to hand-drawn animation, human drama, and the importance of nature makes Studio Ghibli movies accessible to nearly everyone.

Now, one group of Pakistani animators is showing off their Studio Ghibli influence with The Glassworker – Prelude.

The short film has been gaining attention among animation fans for its beautiful art and heartwarming story. It’s a coming-of-age story between Vincent, the son of a glassmaker, and Alliz, a violin prodigy. Themes of war and growing up are touched on in the story, which is narrated by an adult Vincent.

The Glassworker

Usman Riaz, the director, artist, and composer of the short, has never been shy about his love for Studio Ghibli films. Riaz made his childhood dreams of creating animation a reality by founding Mano Animation Studios, which is Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animation studio.

A quick behind-the-scenes look at the new studio revealed that The Glassworker will be released as an 80-minute feature-length film near the end of 2020. Riaz also thanks supporters for raising more than $116,000 for the project on Kickstarter campaign that ran in 2016.

The Glassworker

Fans can stay connected with Mano Animation Studios and progress on The Glassworker on their Twitter account.

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