“The Crawling City” Writer Launches Ambitious Community-based Project

Since September of last year, people have been in love with the fantastically drawn, goth-inspired and tentacle-filled indie manga, The Crawling City. It is an ongoing 4-koma title drawn by Paroro and written by Merryweather, both huge anime fans.

This isn’t what it looks like!

Just a few days ago, Merry began a new and ambitious project on the Tapas website: Readers Quest.

Inspired by choose-your-own-adventure stories and Twitch Plays Pokemon, we spoke to Merryweather about his new creation.

“Many times on websites like Tapas, people have tried to do a reader inclusive project, by usually giving the readers the option to vote whether the hero turns left or goes right, or whether he fights or flees.” said Merry in our interview.

The gigantic hat kinda gives it away…

“My intention is to create a comic where the Readers aren’t simply given a choice between two options, but rather the completely liberal choice of what they want the main character to do, with no limits.”

He explained to us the very simple rules: Tapas has a system that allows comments to be voted up or down. Anyone reading the comic can suggest what the Hero should do at the start of the next episode. The following week, the comment with the most upvotes will compel the Hero to do the action.

Take his head and bring home the bounty or Teabag him for the next hour and a half?

“The comic becomes a perpetual cliffhanger of what crazy thing the Readers will think of next, and the world’s reaction to an absolute madman hero [commanded] by forces beyond his control.”

You can read and participate in Reader’s Quest over at the Tapas website and you can follow Merry on Deviantart, Taptastic, and Twitter.

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