The 15 Most Epic Shonen Jump Titles Chosen by Japan

Shonen Jump is home to some of the most iconic series in anime and manga. Many of their fans love the heart-pounding battles found in their action and sports titles! Goo Ranking asked Japanese fans to vote for the most epic Shonen Jump titles.


15Rurouni Kenshin – 64 votes


14Katekyo Hitman Reborn! – 84 votes


13Captain Tsubasa – 88 votes


12Yu Yu Hakusho – 103 votes


11Saint Seiya – 109 votes

10Bleach – 118 votes


9Medaka Box – 124 votes


8Naruto – 129 votes


7Fist of the North Star – 161 votes


6My Hero Academia – 172 votes


5Hunter x Hunter – 196 votes


4The Prince of Tennis – 438 votes


3JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – 439 votes


2One Piece – 441 votes


1Dragon Ball – 570 votes

What do you think are the most epic Shonen Jump series?

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