The 10 Best Virtual Youtubers All Fans Can Enjoy

We love Virtual Youtubers! These virtual personalities inject so much and humor in their videos that you can’t find anywhere else. To celebrate the phenomenon, Goo Ranking asked the community to vote for the very best Vtubers.


10. Oda Nobuhime – 18 votesOda Nobuhime

Based on the feudal lord Oda Nobunaga, this Vtuber is known for her Let’s Play videos and random rants. However, Oda Nobuhime has a large Twitter following due to the character’s love of lewds and hentai.


T-7. Nora Cat – 23 votesNora Cat

Nora Cat primarily broadcasts on Youtube Live, so everything is done in real-time unlike her pre-recorded rivals. Nora Cat’s use of Voiceroid also allows for real-time subtitles so international fans can enjoy the live sessions.


T-7. Tsukino Mito – 23 votesTsukino Mito Tsukino Mito is a prim and proper class president with tsundere sensibilities. Mito has gained a large following due to highlighting obscure B-movies, kusoge games, and the strangeness of otaku culture. Some of Mito’s videos have earned $20,000 for her creators!


T-7. Nekomiya Hinata – 23 votesNekomiya Hinata

Nekomiya Hinata has been around for less than a year, but she’s gained a huge following due to her FPS skills. In fact, some viewers have accused Hinata of cheating in various shooters.


6. Mirai Akari – 27 votesMirai Akari

Mirai is one of the most energetic Vtubers around and loves to interact with fans on VRChat. It doesn’t hurt that Mirai is a master using double-entendre and dirty jokes.


5. Dennou Shojo Siro – 34 votesDennou Shojo Siro

Dennou Shojo Siro possesses a low-key personality compared to other Vtubers, which has charmed fans.


4. Obaachan – 47 votesObaachan

Obaachan is your typical sweet grandma…who loves talking about taboo topics.


3. Hacka Doll – 49 votesHacka Doll

You may know Hacka Doll from the anime series, but the trio are also successful Vtubers. Hacka Doll #1 star in most of the videos.


2. Kaguya Luna – 54 votesKaguya Luna

Energetic, vulgar, and slightly lewd — Kaguya Luna has become an icon among Vtubers. Luna’s high-energy and bizarre speech pattern has led to the nickname Cocaine-chan.


1. Kizuna Ai – 312 votesKizuna Ai

Did you honestly think that Kizuna Ai would lose this poll? She became the first popular Vtuber and her videos are translated into numerous languages. Ai’s fanbase is huge, and it’s thanks to her wild personality.


Who are your favorite Vtubers?

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