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Tokyo Ghoul

Manga’s Most Stylish & Mysterious Creator: Sui Ishida

Few art styles are as instantly recognizable as Sui Ishida's work. https://twitter.com/sotonami/status/981150863212204032 Ishida has gained legions of fans for his digital art, which has a watercolor...

‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ Manga is Entering its Final Arc

Sui Ishida is preparing to write the final arc for Tokyo Ghoul:re. A wrap-around jacket for volume 14 reads "The evolving dark fantasy is rushing towards...

‘Tokyo Ghoul’ Fans Demand Ishida Commit Suicide After New Chapter

The following post will have spoilers for the latest Tokyo Ghoul:re manga chapter. The international fanbase went insane after chapter 125 of Tokyo Ghoul leaked online. Scanners quickly translated...