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Cioccolato-kun Kit Kat Guys

Cioccolato-kun Returns With More Hot Kit Kat Anime Guys

Cioccolato-kun is continuing to delight fans with their depictions of Japanese Kit Kat bars as hot anime guys. Last year, people were buzzing over the...

Tokyo Metro’s Mascot Sparks Debate for Not Being Cute Enough

Japan has a knack for using mascots to promote nearly anything. One of the most visible types of mascots is "Railway Girls," which are...
Food Waifus

Fan Artist Turns Bacon and Pickles into Moe Anime Girls

Have you ever looked at your plate of food and thought, "I can turn this into a group anime girls!" Well, artist Reef1600 has...
Anime Lingerie PaoPao

Fan Artist Becomes Lingerie Designer with Anime Inspiration

Japanese illustrator @papao_pao is known for reimagining things as sets of lingerie, such as various mobile suits from Gundam and chess pieces. All of the lovingly...

A Japanese Artist is Turning Chess Pieces into Sexy Lingerie

Doujin artist Pao first graced the weeb world with a line of sexy Gundam inspired lingerie. Now, he his set his sights on more "intellectual" fare...and by...