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‘Youjo Senki’ Artist Shares Killer Inked Art on Social Media

Shinobu Shinotsuki is the illustrator for the Youjo Senki light novels. Their bold and intense lines give life to the gritty, war series. To fill in...
Artists Sword Art Online Mystery

18 Pieces From the Secretive Artist Who May Have Illustrated SAO

BUNBUN is a Japanese artist who may or may not be a pen-name used by abec, who is the illustrator for Sword Art Online. Due...

KonoSuba Artist Shares Gorgeous Fanart on Social Media

Kurone Mishima is one of the most popular light novel illustrators. KonoSuba is the biggest title they have worked on, but they've also contributed...

KonoSuba Animation Director Shares Drawings Based on Fan Favorite Characters

Norie Tanaka is an episode animation director for KonoSuba Season 2. They usually celebrate every new episode by drawing some art, like Yunyun and Megumin swapping outfits. Check out...

Check Out Genzoman’s Ilustrations of the Girls From Pokemon

Genzoman is an illustrator from Chile and is part of Udon Entertainment, which is a group of Asian-influenced comic creators and artists. Besides having his...