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Here Are This Week’s Hottest Fan Drawings on Pixiv

Pixiv is Japan's largest art community, and it's some of the community's most popular fan artists share their works on the platform. It can be...

10 Hip-Hop Songs That Sample Anime

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“Overlord” Artist Shares Amazing Art Work on Social Media

So-bin is one of the most popular light novel illustrators thanks to their distinct art style and character designs. While known for illustrating the Overlord light, he...
Japanese Miku Artist

Mochizuki is Leading the High Contrast Flat Style Revolution

If you love art (or use technology), you've probably noticed a big trend in the last 5 years has been the flat design style....

“Wallpaper Engine” on Steam Brings Your Waifu Closer to Life

Wallpaper Engine is an early access software on Steam that allows you to use live wallpapers for your PC. There's even an option for...

11 Unfortunate People That Believe Hatsune Miku Is Anime

1. This person that needs to know the truth soon 2. This person that is determined to find this amazing slice of life cartoon movie 3....