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Nintendo Reveals ARMS Character And People Are SHOOK

Nintendo held an ARMS-focused Nintendo Direct yesterday where they unveiled new details about their motion-controlled fighter game for the Switch. They featured customization, multiplayer mode,...

Odd Name in Legend of Zelda’s Credits Has Inspiring Backstory

Most people don't ever read credits in movies, anime, and video games. It's the perfect time to unwind and take stock of what you...

Final Fantasy Celebrates 30th Anniversary This Year

Final Fantasy has a long and storied history. From the first game being made as the last hoorah of the struggling company Squaresoft, to...

Manga vs. Anime

Which is better? Leave a comment down below, of the reasons why you like one over the other!

Yandere Dev Partners With Popular Indie Developer tinyBuild

Yandere Dev, sole creator of Yandere Simulator, is finally getting some help in developing the game. In a video released on March 1st, Yandere Dev explains...

Pokemon Sun and Moon Get Philosophical

Have you encountered any deep questions in Sun and Moon?

Nekopara Mini

Love me some nekos.

What is a Loli?

In my video, I talk shortly on the Anime trope known as a Loli. This is my first psychology-based video so it is quite short. But I hope you guys enjoy!

The Tengu Problem In The Ninja Gaiden Universe

The top is a tengu from Nioh in the year 1600. The bottom is a tengu from Dead or Alive that is actually 1018...

Netflix is Releasing a Castlevania TV Series in 2017

Details are super slim, but Netflix quietly announced that they will be releasing a series based on the Castlevania video games in 2017. Castlevania will consist of two...

The Future of VR and Gaming is Here