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Lovers Embark on Deprived Furry Vengence in ‘Gleipnir’

Gleipnir is a macabre twist on the romance, action, and ecchi genres showcasing young love and vengeance.

Low-Quality Anime ‘Imouto ja Nai’ Gets no Improvements in Blu-ray Release

Do you 'member Ore ga Suki na no ha Imoto Dakedo Imoto ja nai?

‘Fire Force’ Anime’s 1st Trailer Shows Off Fiery Action

The anime world has been buzzing about David Production's upcoming adaptation!

Funimation Targets Illegal Streaming Site with Court Subpoena

FUNimation Entertainment has obtained a DMCA subpoena from a federal court in Texas in hopes to track down an unnamed, "massive" pirate streaming site. The...