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8 Taboo Romance That Will Spice Up (or Ruin) Your Night

Here are some of the most taboo romances you'll find in anime!

15 Anime that Look Like Rip-Offs at First Glance

*Sniff sniff* You smell that? That is the smell of a Grade A rip-off. Or at least what people think are rip-offs.

7 Anime You Should “Cringe Binge” This Weekend

Hey kids, let's go on a cringe binge!

The 13 Most Memorable Anime From 2018

2018 was a great year for anime fans with unique surprises and fun sequels, but what makes one memorable?

11 Series Where Evil Triumphed Over Good

Like life, sometimes evil wins. And since this is about evil, there will be spoilers!

7 Series That Excuse Sexual Harassment as Romance

There are a lot of great romances in anime and manga - in fact, it's one of the most popular genres! It's a heart...

The 5 Most Popular Anime Deconstructions of the Modern Era

Deconstructions are anime that take apart their genre and tropes, often times taking a darker or a more mature approach to the story.

The 8 Best Body Horror Anime and Manga Series

The genre got its start in the '80s, so it's fairly young, but here are some anime and manga you should check out!