‘Sachiiro One Room’ Faces Controversy for Glorifying Kidnappings

The live-action TV adaptation of Sachiiro One Room is under fire due to its controversial content, which has led to its cancelation in the Kanto region.

Sachiiro no One Room

Sachiiro One Room follows a girl who falls in love with her kidnapper and vows to marry him when she gets older. The man’s motivation for the kidnapping is to remove her from an abusive life so she can experience happiness. It’s based on a 2016 web manga that was written by Hakuri.

However, the controversy stems from rumors that Sachiiro One Room is based on a real-life kidnapping. In March 2016, a girl was kidnapped from Asaka and taken to Tokyo. Hakuri began publishing the manga on Twitter in September 2016.

While Kanto’s TV Asashi’s channel is canceling the show, Osaka’s ABC will air on July 8. The Osaka channel is producing the show and they issued a statement saying that they don’t believe that Sachiiro One Room is based on a real event nor does it depict the event in a positive light.

Sachiiro no One Room

Despite the ongoing controversy, Square Enix is gearing up to publish the manga’s fifth volume this fall. The manga also came in third place in Nippon Shuppan Hanbai, Inc’s Web Manga General Election last year.

SOURCEAsahi Shimbun
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