Ranking All 37 TV Anime Airing in the Fall 2017 Season

It’s not surprising that there is a lot of anime this season, and since I have tons of free time, I decided to check them all out! Here are my rankings for the Fall’s anime based on their introductory episodes.

37Evil or Live

It’s competing with Dies Irae for the edgiest anime this season by turning a real-world issue (teenage “re-education” camps) and turning it into schlocky entertainment.


36Dies Irae

This is what edge-lords watch to offend those “regressive SJW cucks,” but really not many care about the Nazi-fetishism or lolicon. It’s the juvenile take on Nietzsche’s writings and horrid animation that is truly offensive. The anime is sewage, but people swear by the visual novel. So, check that out instead, maybe?



It’s like someone puked rainbows. No, really. The story is literally puke, but the art lovely like a rainbow. Stare at the screencaps, make up a story in your head, and call it a day.


34Sengoku Blood Night

Werewolves and vampires fight to control the land, but it’s up to a girl to bring the sides together…hasn’t this been told before? It’s another teenage show that’s best left to teens to nerd over.


33RoboMasters the Animated Series

Based on the popular real-life competition were college kids make robots and battle them in a small arena. It’s way more interesting if you are an engineering student.


32Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter

It’s that one idol show you watched years as you pretended to like the genre. It’s back, and without the original creator – who accidentally gave this new season a brief pump in views after ranting about the removal of underaged panty-shots. Not many people care too much about Wake Up, Girls! because Love Live! Sunshine!! Season 2 is happening.


31Infini-T Force

Ooooh, a new Gatchaman series? Wait…it’s a crossover 3D fighting series that pit Tatsunoko heroes against each other? What are they trying to sell this time?


30Yuki Yuna is a Hero: The Washio Sumi Chapter

It’s the Madoka Magica rip-off that has a more interesting take on magic. The Washio Sumi Chapter isn’t terrible but is ranked lower because the movies came out a season ago.


29My Girlfriend is Shobitch

This is anime is doing a weird attempt trying to show the importance of sexual education and not being ashamed of your body while being a trashy, vapid fanservice show. If Shobitch needs to fully commit to one of those ideas, or else it’s going to be a forgettable sex-comedy.


28King’s Game the Animation

It’s like Jigsaw is leading a game of ‘Simon Says’ with the world’s dumbest teenagers. That should be fun, but the production staff decided to adapt two different manga, which leads little time to let things breathe.


27Two Car

Two cute girls race rivals in motorcycle sidecar racing. It’s so average that you’ll forget about it the moment an episode ends.


26Juni Taisen: Zodiac War

This anime is formulaic once you get past the Isin Nisio hype. If you haven’t found out the winner by now, you haven’t been paying attention to the end song sequence. At least the action is fun…when you’re not being monologued to death.


25Black Clover

Black Clover is “Shounen Action 101.” That’s not bad if you love the genre or are new too it. However, Gakuto Kajiwara’s impersonation of a dying car engine when voicing Asta is terrible.


24Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~

A girl with poison blood can’t make friends because she poisons people she touches. It’s a strange concept, but it falls back on standard otome tropes of love conquering everything.


23A Sister’s All You Need

Was Eromanga-sensei not deviant enough for you? Throw away your shame and dive into a world of unashamed perversity about a true siscon.


22Garo: Vanishing Line

Raise your hands if you know the Garo franchise! Cool, I’m sure all 12 of you are enjoying Vanishing Line.



This is a series for people who love light-hearted parodies and learning about anime trivia. Other than that, it’s kind of boring since there isn’t much to the story. At least the entire cast is cute, right?


20Kino’s Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animation

This remake is like reading the CliffsNotes of a classic book. You’ll get all the key points of the story, but you’re going to miss out on the nuance and character growth.


19Just Because!

Do you love slow-burning romances with life-like character animation? It’s mundane and tediously realistic, which is different. But I’m a little worried going forward since director Atsushi Kobayashi had a mental breakdown on Twitter about studio Pine Jam and how bad their animators are.


18Hozuki’s Coolheadedness 2nd Season

Did you know that Hozuki’s Coolheadedness has a second season? Wait, you didn’t know there was a first season??


17Konohana Kitan

Lesbian fox girls do cute things for 23 minutes. A serious moment happens on occasion, but the cute feels are never far behind.


16Land of the Lustrous

I hope you love world building because that’s what you’re going to get! It’s a slow series that might put you to sleep until the action happens, but it benefits from being one of the more pretty CGI animations in recent years.


15Blend S

It’s like Is The Order a Rabbit? and KonoSuba had a child – but don’t get too hyped. Blend S takes place in a café (Is The Order a Rabbit?) and parodies various anime tropes (KonoSuba) that focus on the slice of life genre.


14UQ Holder!

UQ Holder! is an old anime with new paint. It plays out like magic-battle anime that aired 20 years ago, but with modern animation techniques. Basically, it’s fun if you aren’t looking for a great story.


13The iDOLM@STER SideM

Male idols can be cute too! It’s an enjoyable mix of friendship, character development, and growing as an idol while performing catchy songs. Even non-fans may fall in love with SideM.


12Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season

The other killer idol anime this season. There seems to be an increased focus on character development as the girls of Aqours continue to work towards the Love Live! competition, which is always welcomed.


11Himouto! Umaru-chan R

The good kind of cancer.

But seriously, Umaru-chan R is a huge improvement over season one, with Umaru being less of an obnoxious brat. Instead of strangling, you’ll want to hug her.


10Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Romances about socially awkward couples aren’t new, but MMO Junkie benefits for having sympathetic characters. Moriko and Yuuta feeling more “real” while playing games than in society is a relatable experience, and it benefits from not using their emotions as the butt of jokes.


9Children of Whales

If you live in Japan, then you know how twisty, exciting, mysterious, and gut-wrenching Children of Whales is.



Inuyashiki is an amazing rollercoaster. A cancer-ridden man is unwillingly turned into a hero. Meanwhile, an unstable youth is turned into a vicious villain. The groundwork is being laid out for a special superpowered story.


7 Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond

The setting of Hellsalem’s Lot is as much of a cast member as the agents of Libra. Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond is a masterclass in world building, quirky characters, and exciting action.


6Girls’ Last Tour

This is that “good and smart” anime that will be paraded around as this season’s critical darling, but will go ignored by the masses.


5Gintama: Porori-hen

This is for anyone that missed Gintama‘s during the past two major arcs. The parodies and bathroom humor are back in full force!


4Osomatsu-san 2nd Season

If you want a more self-deprecating version of Gintama, then you should check out Osomatsu-san. Both are experts at parodies, but Osomatsu-san is a little crueler with its jokes.


3Food Wars! The Third Plate

The cooking action has never been better, and there is a lot of tension in the story as The Council of Ten throw their weight around. For the first time, it feels like losing a Shokugeki match will have dire consequences.


2The Ancient Magus’ Bride

An abused, broken bird meets a magically powerful bone daddy in a dark twist on Beauty and the Beast.

Seriously though, the world of The Ancient Magus’ Bride is intriguing and the magic sequences are awe-inspiring. This series is the best non-sequel this season.


1March Comes in Like a Lion 2nd Season

Depression and self-doubt are delicate subjects that many anime fail at handling. March Comes in Like a Lion bucks the trend, as you really feel Rei’s life struggles.

People of all ages and walks of life can relate to Rei’s thoughts, which elevates the anime to a whole different level. If you had to watch one anime this Fall, make it this one.


How would you rank Fall’s TV anime?

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