Pop Artist Yusuke Nakamura Will Win Your Heart with His Unique Style

Yusuke Nakamura is one of Japan’s biggest illustrators. Clean lines, profile shots, busy backgrounds, an attractive use of pastel colors punctuate his works.

The Night is Short, Walk on Girl

Most anime fans know Namakura for designing the cast of The Tatami Galaxy and The Night is Short, Walk on Girl. He’s also drawn server CD covers for the alt-rock band Asian Kung-Fu Generation.


1Wonder Woman


2Sailor Moon


3Asian Kung-Fu Generation


4Love and Lies


5Original Art


6Street Fighter


7Project E-Dive


8Original Art


9Gamba Osaka


10Asian Kung-Fu Generation


11Sony Aibo


12Original Art


13Appare ~All Time Best~


14New Year’s 2018


15Transformers: The Last Knight

You can find more of Yusuke Nakamura’s unique art on his Twitter account or this dedicated Tumblr page.

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