‘One Punch Man Season Two’ Will Officially Air Next April

Now that the hype and initial community reactions have settled down, we have official word regarding One Punch Man Season 2 — it’s airing in April 2019!

That’s right, fans don’t have to wait until winter 2020 to experience more of Saitama’s misadventures. Even more exciting is that Garou (aka The Hero Hunter) will be featured prominently in the anime. Without spoiling anime-only fans, Garou is by far the most formidable enemy in the One Punch Man universe.

The cast from season one will be returning and Hikaru Midorikawa (Lancer in Fate/Zero) is voicing Garou. While J.C. Staff is replacing Madhouse, keep in mind that most of the staff that worked on One Punch Man were freelancers. The key returning staff members include designer Chikashi Kubota, screenwriter Tomohiro Suzuki, and music composer Makoto Miyazaki.

One Punch Man

Are you ready for One Punch Man‘s return?

SOURCE'One Punch Man' Official Website
Ader Titsoff
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