‘One Punch Man’ Artist’s ‘Back to the Future’ Manga is Cancelled

Yuusuke Murata, the artist of One-Punch Man and Eyeshield 21, shared disappointing news: his Back to the Future manga has been canceled.

Murata explained that the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! editors decided to cancel the manga due to licensing issues. Both parties tried to resolve the issues and come up with workarounds, but the project wasn’t feasible.

The manga’s first volume was going to be published on April 20, and the movie’s screenwriter Bob Gale was supervising the project. During a Ready Player One press event, Gale teased that the manga would include content not seen in the film.

It’s a disappointing development, given how Murata is a huge fan of American pop culture.  The one saving grace is that Murata has shared images from the manga’s draft.

The world wasn’t ready for Murata’s take on Back to the Future.

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