Netflix’s ‘B: The Beginning’ Anime is Getting a 2nd Season

B: The Beginning was one of Netflix’s biggest exclusive anime projects of 2017. The mystery series was produced by Production I.G. and became the face of Netflix’s initiative to snap up exclusive anime.

B: The Beginning

One of the biggest criticisms of the 12-episode show is that it ends with a whimper. Well, that’s about to be fixed since a second season has been green-lit. Netflix made that announcement at this year’s Annency International Festival of Animated Film.

B: The Beginning follows Koku and Keith as they try to stop a serial killer from wrecking havoc in a fortified city. The series was co-directed by Kazuto Nakazawa (Kill Bill animated opening sequence) and Yoshiki Yamakawa (Little Busters!). Katsuya Ishida wrote the screenplay.

Netflix says the new season will debut “soon.”

SOURCENetflix Press Release
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