Maruaba_2 Draws Amazing Anime Art Using Microsoft Excel

When you see a detailed piece of digital art, odds are that Clip Studio Paint, SketchBook Pro, or a similar program was used on a drawing tablet. But, if you’re like @Maruraba_2, you shun those programs in favor of Excel!


That’s right, one of the most well-known spreadsheet programs can be used to draw high-quality anime art. Just look at some of the amazing drawings @Maruraba_2 has been able to pump out!


1Miho Nishino – Girls und Panzer


2Maika Sakuranomiya – Blend S


3Kyoko Toshino – YuruYuri


4Sagiri Izumi – Eromanga-sensei


5Mashimo Munetani – High School Fleet


6Rize Tedeza – Is the Order a Rabbit?


7Tsuchinoko – Kemono Friends


You can find more Excel-based anime art on @Maruraba_2’s Twitter account.

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