Manga Scanlation Site ‘Batoto’ to Close Down

Batoto, one of the most popular manga scanlation aggregator sites, is shutting down.


RawR, the site’s owner and administrator, told readers he “just don’t have the will” to run Batoto anymore. The servers will expire on January 18, but readers may possibly still access some content. However, the site will lose functionality on January 25.

Batoto first cropped up in 2011 and has since become one of the biggest aggregate sites for scanlated manga. Scanlation groups favored Batoto over similar sites and would push readers to them. However, it was also a heavy target of scrapers – who would ironically “scrape and steal” the pirated content to host on other scanlation sites. They would also face numerous copyright issues as newer manga became licensed by publishers.


 Batoto’s other staff members are backing up the 6-terabytes worth “images and comic database,” but will not work on a newer version of Batoto without RawR.

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