‘Lupin the Third: Part V’ Modernizes the Series in Exciting New Ways

The past six years have been great for Lupin the Third fans as every new entry has been top-notch. Lupin the Third: Part V looks to continue the trend as it attempts to modernize the series.

Lupin the Third

Here are a few reasons why you should give the premiere of Lupin the Third: Part V a chance.

1An accessible starting point.

Lupin the Third: Part V (or Lupin the Third: Adventure in France) can be used as a jumping-in point for new fans, provided you aren’t a stickler for background information.

The anime is technically a sequel to Lupin the Third: Part IV (or Lupin the Third: L’avventura Italiana), which kicks of Lupin’s blue coat saga.

Lupin the Third: Part V starts with a cold opening and doesn’t bother with grandiose character introductions, so here’s a quick primer on the names you need to know:

Lupin the Third

  • Lupin the Third: an internationally wanted thief that steals from immoral targets.
  • Jigen: a marksman who is always by Lupin’s side.
  • Goemon: a samurai who specializes in infiltration and snarky one-liners.
  • Fujiko: a femme fatal who helps and impedes Lupin, depending on the situation.
  • Zenigata: an Interpol inspector who is dedicated to arresting Lupin and his crew.

New fans who absolutely need to know the cast’s background and relationships will have to watch Part IV, but it’s not exactly vital.


2The future tease of exploring Lupin’s family history.

The anime’s staff has been teasing fans that Part V will finally dive into Lupin’s family history and why he became a thief with a golden heart.

One of the selling points is that the story takes place in France, which was the birthplace of Lupin’s grandfather Arséne Lupin. Literature fans will recognize Arséne as the gentleman thief created by French novelist Maurice Leblanc. His classic character was the inspiration for Lupin the Third.


3Modernized setting.

Lupin the Third: Part V attempts to add new blood to the franchise by using a modern-day setting. The core story features Lupin and his crew engaging in a high-stakes caper, but with a new age flair.

Lupin’s target is a dark web marketplace called Marco Polo, which is based on the controversial real-world site Silk Road. After purchasing a couple grams of crystal meth, Lupin decides its time to steal Marco Polo’s digital profits.

Lupin the Third

The anime’s debut ends with revealing “The Lupin Game,” which is a social media game similar to “Where’s Waldo.” Normal citizens gain points for posting pictures and info related to Lupin and his crew, which adds a new sense of danger. Not only is he running from the cops, but he now has to duck everyone with a smartphone or a tablet.

Lupin’s new gadgets and digital threats blend nicely into the franchise and don’t seem like a desperate move to appeal to a younger crowd. In fact, the premiere lays down potential story threads that can take the franchise to new territory.


4Potential to explore contemporary themes.

Lupin the Third has never been afraid to push boundaries, and Part V looks to continue the trend. Lupin’s new toys and targeting a dark web marketplace gives hopefully plants seeds to explore contemporary themes.

It’s only early speculation, but there is hope that this series will explore the digitization of personal data, manipulation of social media and information, and the shady world of the dark web.


5Ami is an interesting cast addition.

Ami is a tech-savvy hacker and developer of Marco Polo’s payment system, joins Lupin’s crew after requesting to be kidnapped. Her role will no-doubt be vital as the story progresses as Lupin navigates new digital threats he is unfamiliar with.

While Ami has a valuable skill-set, her personality is unique from the rest of the crew. Lupin and his gang are adventurers with free-wheeling spirits, but Ami is more of a shut-in with a distant attitude.


6Lupin still uses his classic tricks.

At the end of the day, this is still Lupin the Third. Long-time fans will be happy to know that the lovable rogue still outwits targets, dons various disguises, and ogles every cute woman he meets.


Lupin the Third: Part V is shaping up as another great entry into the franchise. New fans can use it as a starting point without much difficulty. You can simulcast the series at Crunchyroll.

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