Light Novel Author Visits Twitter HQ After Harem Cover is Banned

Mahiro Kisaragi is a light novel author fighting a unique enemy – Twitter!

Yamato Isoko no Ketsudan

Kisaragi paid to promote a tweet for volume 2 of Yamato Isoko no Ketsudan (The Decision of Isoko Yamato), which is a military-themed harem featuring art by Cafe Neko. After receiving payment, Kisaragi was shocked that the tweet was banned for “advertising adult content or services,” despite the series having an all-ages rating and a non-ecchi cover.

Kisaragi essentially paid Twitter 45,266 yen ($426) for a faulty ad campaign and tried to get the issue resolved through a series messages. Frustrated with Twitter’s lack of response, they made a visit to Twitter Japan’s headquarters.

“Outside the Twitter Japan headquarters in Tokyo.”


However, Kisaragi couldn’t find any solutions at the headquarters! They had to file an opposition letter to be forwarded to Twitter’s corporate headquarters in the United States – the other option was to file a lawsuit.

Fans don’t have to feel too bad for Kisaragi; despite the terrible experience, volumes 1 and 2 of Yamato Isoko no Ketsudan broke into Amazon’s top 10 light novel best-seller’s list thanks to their high profile fight!

We’ll have to wait and see if Kisaragi’s battle has won their fairly new series any long-time fans.

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