Kim Kardashian Credits Zero Two For Her Pink Hair Which Leads to Many Questions

Recently, Kim Kardashian shared that she has an anime obsession.

Kim fans felt that her pink hair and ‘Yeezy Season 7’ outfits gave off an anime vibe, which she confirmed on social media.


Naturally, some anime fans voiced their skepticism.

Kim has never talked about anime before, so some people believed it’s a strange publicity stunt to promote ‘Yeezy Season 7’ during a Tokyo trip.

And while pink hair is associated with anime, it’s not outside of the mainstream for people to color their hair pink. If Kim’s pink hair was inspired by an anime, most fans assume it’s “mainstream trash” like Sakura Haruno or Chibiusa. We all know those don’t rank high on the otaku approval scale.


But Kim dropped an otaku bomb.

My hair inspo

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Artist is 未来へ (NSFW)

Wait…Zero Two from the currently airing Darling in the Franxx? The innuendo-fueled series about teens piloting mechas doggy-style? Did Kim just admit to simulcasting a seasonal anime? Do Kim and Kanye roleplay as Zero Two and Hiro?

Okay, maybe we don’t need to know that last part…but does she have a pair of red horns and a spandex suit to complete the look? If this proves one thing, it’s that Kim has a slightly kinky taste in anime – even if she’s just choosing the hottest and newest character based off of Twitter trends, r-right??

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