Kadokawa Accepts Blame for New ‘Boogiepop’ Anime Miscommunication

Fans weren’t the only ones that were surprised when Kadokawa revealed the new Boogiepop Phantom anime two months ago. Series illustrator Kouji Ogata was so shocked, he criticised the entire move.

Boogiepop Phantom

In March, Kadokawa shared a key visual and stated that Madhouse was working on a new adaptation of the popular urban fantasy series. In a series of now-deleted Tweets, Ogata blasted the new character designs and that Madhouse didn’t seek his consultation.

The drama led to rumors that director Shingo Natsume was leaving the project and that Madhouse was avoiding Ogata. Today, Kadokawa cleared the air about the mishap and accepted blame for the miscommunication.

According to Kadokawa’s statement, Ogata only received a portion of the new anime’s design for approval. The mistake led to a miscommunication gap with Madhouse and they were forced to reveal the key visual without Ogata’s full opinion. Madhouse did not reach out to Ogata to communication hierarchy rules.

Boogiepop Phantom

Ogata’s angry Tweets led to an internal investigation and they explained the situation to Ogata in April. Kadokawa also restated that Natsume will direct the series and that Madhouse didn’t make design decisions without Ogata’s input. All of the parties have since worked together.

Kadokawa ended their statement with apologizing to Madhouse, Ogata, and the production staff for causing the miscommunication. Ogata also apologized for his angry Tweets and deleted them.

SOURCE'Boogiepop Phantom' Anime Official Website
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