Japanese Politician Blames Grisly Murders on Anime

Takahiro Shiraishi, a 27-year-old suspected serial killer, is expected to be re-arrested after police identified a ninth victim that disappeared near his apartment.

serial killer suspect

Aiko Tamura, a 23-year-old victim, was identified among a pile of 9 dismembered bodies found at Shiraishi’s apartment. The police accidentally found the body parts while looking for Tamura, who was simply missing in late October.

Most of the victims remain unidentified, but bank cards and other bodies left in Shiraishi’s apartment suggest that they were killed and dismembered there. News reporters are also saying that cellphone signals disappeared in the area.

The grisly murders have rocked the new waves in Kanagawa Prefecture. People have expressed their shock at how someone could commit such a crime, with one politician blaming anime and video games.

Anime like ‘Psycho-Pass’ feature dismemberment plotlines.

House of Councillors member Ichita Yamamoto, who is a member of the conservative Liberal Democratic Party, says that grotesque violence portrayed in anime can inspire people to mimic the fictional crimes. Video games can further desensitize a person to violence and cause people to blur fiction with reality.

He proposes online surveillance of people that watch violent anime will prevent these crimes before they happen.

Police uncovered the grisly scene on Halloween. They discovered 240 body parts stashed in coolers and tool boxes, which were sprinkled with cat litter in an attempt to hide the smell. Tamura was identified after a DNA test on various bone parts.

According to investigators, Shiraishi lured victims into his apartment by Tweeting suicide pacts promising to help people commit suicide and die beside them. He told investigators that the victims, which were eight women and one man, never intended to commit suicide and only visited to talk him out of killing himself.

Serial Killer Suspect

Shiraishi allegedly told investigators that he planned to kill, then molest and rob the victims. They were hung after given laced alcoholic drinks or were strangled until they lost consciousness. The bodies were then dismembered.

SOURCEThe Japan Times
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