Japanese Cosplayer Shares Secret for Perfect Crossplaying

Crossplay is a sub-segment of cosplay that has been growing in popularity. Essentially, it refers to a cosplayer dressing as a character of their opposite sex.

Perfecting the style can be a little tricky without heavy use of makeup and photoshop, but cosplayer @18_17_Ruccika is more the up to the challenge!


1Touka Kirishima – Tokyo Ghoul

Touka Kirishima - Tokyo Ghoul


2Midare Toushirou – Touken Ranbu

Midare Toushirou - Touken Ranbu


3Juuzou Suzuya – Tokyo Ghoul

Juuzou Suzuya - Tokyo Ghoul


4KAITO – Vocaloid

KAITO - Vocaloid


5Revy – Black Lagoon

Revy - Black Lagoon


6Eren Yaeger – Attack on Titan

Eren Yaeger - Attack on Titan

7Okita Sougo – Gintama

Okita Sougo - Gintama


While nailing the costume and expression of the character is vital, but @18_17_Ruccika claims that none of that matters if your posture is wrong.

@18_17_Ruccika says that as a woman, her natural posture results in her bottom out and chest raised. In order to successful crossplay as a male character, you would need to mimic the average male posture. This means stooping your back, dropping your shoulders, and pulling your pelvis.

It’s one of useful, subtle tips that can take your crossplay to the next level!

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