Japanese Artist Creates a Depressing Take on Isekai Stories

Isekai is the hottest anime and light novel genre right now. The fantasy stories appeal to a wide audience thanks to transporting listless protagonists to another world with a chance to becoming a hero.

The Devil is a Part-Timer!
Even Satan had a hard time adjusting during his isekai trip!

One of the selling points is that anyone, from high schoolers to business managers reincarnated as a loli, can survive is these strange worlds. But, what if they were a tad bit realistic? Japanese artist @poppoyakiya created a short manga showing that being reincarnated in another world wouldn’t live up to the hype.



Isekai Real Life

“I was an ordinary salaryman. On the day it happened, I’d just got done doing a lot of overtime, as usual.”

“I wasn’t paying attention and I got hit by a truck.”


Isekai Real Life


“When I came to, I’d been reborn in another world.”

“Along with being reborn, I’d gain the special cheat skill to use all types of magic.”

“I was a salaryman until now, but I’m sure to become a hero in this alternate world!”


Isekai Real Life

Six months later

“I’m washing dishes in a tavern in the alternate world where I was reborn.” 


Isekai Real Life

“At first, I figured I was going to become a hero, but…”

“I can’t speak their language.”

“My Earth money is good here.”


Isekai Real Life

“Even in a new world, in order to survive, you’ve got to have a job.”

“At first, I was determined to set out on an adventure once I saved up enough money. But…”


Isekai Real Life

“The area around the town is overrun with monsters. It’s dangerous to venture out into the wilderness without proper equipment.”

“Powerful weapons and armor are expensive, so you really need to build up your finances.”


Isekai Real Life

“So, I swallowed my pride and got a job at a tavern. After half a year, I finally had enough money to start adventuring.”

“And yet I’m still washing dishes in the tavern.”


Isekai Real Life

“For half a year, I’ve been tying myself down with excuses to avoid heading out into the unknown world. Why? Because I’m afraid.”


Isekai Real Life

“I know it’s cowardly to be frightened of venturing into a new environment, but I can’t bring myself to leave the place I’m in now. It’s no different from when I was a wage slave.”


Isekai Real Life

“Heroes don’t become heroes because they are strong or have some special power. They become heroes because they are brave.”


Isekai Real Life

“And so, even though I’ve come to this alternate world, I’m still a salaryman…”


How do you think you’d fare in another world?

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