Japanese Animator Shows the Process of Making Anime Boobs Jiggle

Fellow men and women of culture. We have come together on this humble day to pay homage to the holy evangelist that are spreading the good knowledge known as anime boob physics.

Anime Jiggle

Hundreds of young men and women attend animation schools so they can learn this power. And now, the production staff of How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord is sharing the secrets.

Storyboards and their notes were posted online to celebrate the anime’s catchy opening sequence. The notes go into great detail of how every element should be drawn — especially Shera’s giant knockers.How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord“-POW- they slap together,” “Her breasts recoil away from each other,” “They float up from the wind pressure,” and other super helpful notes were written in a stern manner. All of this attention to detail was given to a two-second cut of Shera’s boobs fighting each other. Just look at this work of art in action!

All the other segments of the opening featured as detailed notes as Shera’s canons, showcasing that every detail in an anime is poured over. Yes, even isekia-harems like How NOT to Summon a Demon requires a lot of effort — those boingos don’t animate themselves.

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