‘Is the Order a Rabbit?’ is Getting a New Anime Season

Moe fans rejoice because Is the Order a Rabbit? (Gochumon wa Usagi Desu ka?) is getting a third anime season! The bad news — you have to wait until 2020.

An OVA project is in production for next year, so you’ll have time to spend with the café waitresses of Rabbit House. No solid production details have been released, but fans can assume the previous voice cast will reprise their roles. Three different studios have produced different projects, so it’s anyone’s guess.

What is known is that the series’ popularity hasn’t been waining. The seinen manga remains a best-seller for Houbunsha and a theatrical OVA opened last year in Japan.

Is the Order a Rabbit?

Is the Order a Rabbit? is a simple series that follows Cocoa and her friends working at Rabbit House, which is a French-themed café that doubles as a high school boarding dorm.

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