‘Infinite Stratos’ Light Novel Series to End in Volume 13

Izuru Yumizuru’s popular Infinite Stratos light novel series will end in the 13th volume. The announcement was made after volume 12 shipped earlier this week.

Infinite Stratos

Yumizuru has been writing the series since May 2009 and has worked with two different artists. Okiura illustrated the first seven volumes but was replaced by CHOCO. Reprints of the earlier volumes were published with CHOCO’s new art.

Infinite Stratos is a sci-fi harem series that feature exo-suits that can only be piloted by women. It’s discovered that Ichika Orimura is the only male that can pilot an IS, which forces him to attend an all-girls boarding school to receive training. Ichika reunites with two childhood friends and finds himself being taught by his older sister to become an IS pilot.

Infinite Stratos

8-Bit produced two 12-episode seasons and three OVAs based on the light novels. The final Infinite Stratos OVA was released in 2014.

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