‘Hunter x Hunter’ Finally Leave Hiatus on September 22nd

Yoshihiro Togashi is ready to resume Hunter x Hunter, with a new chapter coming out on September 22nd in Weekly Shonen Jump.

Hunter x Hunter

Togashi is infamous for constantly putting Hunter x Hunter hiatus, which he attributes to a combination of chronic back pain and a reluctance to bring on assistants. However, recently his wife, Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi, has been helping out. A personal interview in July also featured Togashi admitting that he needs to finish Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter currently has 380 chapters, more than double of Togashi’s Yu Yu Hakusho, but the manga’s serialization has been extended to due to multiple hiatuses. In fact, Hunter x Hunter has been missing in 61% of Weekly Shounen Jump issues since its debut on March 3, 1998.

Hunter x Hunter follows Gon Freecss as he attempts to become a Hunter in an attempt to follow his father. Hunters are renowned specialists that pursue rare items, discover new lands, and track down lawless individuals. It’s a dangerous road, but Gon hopes to find his father with the help of friends and other Hunters.

Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter has enjoyed immense popularity despite the inconsistent publishing schedule. The manga has received a handful of anime adaptations – a Studio Perriot film in 1998, a Nippon Animation series that ran for 62 episodes in 1999 with a 30 OVA series in 2002, and a Madhouse series that ran for 148 episodes in 2011 with two movies in 2013.

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