Humble Bundle Offering $500 Worth of Attack on Titan Manga for $18

Manga can be an expensive hobby, especially if you love long-running series. Many people can’t afford to keep up so they drop series or turn towards scanlation sites. But with the mega-popular scanlation site shutting down on January 18th, people are being pushed more than ever towards paying for their manga fix.

Legally supporting manga you love doesn’t have to destroy your wallet. With online manga subscription services and deals at Humble Bundle, you can start building your own personal manga library without having to skip lunch.

Attack on Titan Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle doesn’t always run manga deals, but they currently have a deal on the entire Attack on Titan franchise. Fans can spend as little as a dollar to get the basic volumes, but you have a chance to get every single piece of Attack on Titan content for $18 – which normally runs for $517.

You could potentially walk away with digital copies of 22 volumes of Attack on Titan, 2 volumes of Lost Girls, 2 volumes of No Regrets, 11 volumes of Before the Fall, 4 volumes of Junior High, 2 volumes of Spoof on Titan, an official guidebook, and an artbook.

With Humble Bundle, you can choose to send the money to Kodansha Comics (which supports the creator Hajime Isayama) or donate to charity. The digital manga is also DRM-free (no internet connection required to read) and comes in a variety of formats for your devices.

Attack on Titan

If you aren’t familiar with the global phenomenon, Attack on Titan is a dark-fantasy series detailing humanity’s survival against the fearsome Titans. The flesh-eating beasts have forced the last of humanity to build a walled nation, which has experienced 100 years of peace. Eren Jaeger finds his life destroyed after the Collusus Titan attacks, causing mass death. After the events, he vows to kill all of the Titans, but he slowly learns of a greater conspiracy within the walls.

Wit Studio has produced two seasons, with the third season coming out later this year.

Attack on Titan

You can click here to visit the Humble Bundle page, which will be open until January 31.

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