How ‘King’s Game’ is a Better Comedy Than Thriller

Confession time: I love King’s Game. And no, not because it’s a “good” show. I love it because it’s a comedy masquerading as a tense “death game” story.

King's Game

King's Game
Reminder: they saw a classmate blow up into a pool blood seconds earlier.

Maybe I’m just disappointed in the lack of great comedies this season. Save for Gintama, this is the only show with incredible comedic timing!

Nobuaki is way too chill for surviving a traumatic death game and has the perfect, snappy response to everything.King's Game King's Game


Side characters, who were literally beating Nobuaki to death, think another girl goes too far suggesting that they force Nobuaki to kill himself through text.King's Game King's Game King's Game
Texts are powerful. We see a character hang himself in a flashback because they’ll die if they don’t comply.King's Game


And then we have this gem of a scene.

King's Game King's Game King's Game King's Game King's Game

You almost have to watch King’s Game as a comedy because it fails as anything else. There is ZERO tension, especially during the flashback scenes, and you can only see so many hanging bodies before the shock value wears off.

When King’s Game isn’t making you laugh, you’ll roll your eyes at the forced parallels being drawn between the two games. The anime is doing a weird “pre-sequel” thing where the flashback scenes are adaptations of the manga while the “current time” segments are an original story. And the writing staff is doing their damndest to remind you that these things have happened before!

Episode 2, flashback:King's Game


Episode 1, current time:King's Game



Episode 2, flashback:King's Game


Episode 1, current time: King's Game



Episode 2, flashback:King's Game


Episode 1, current time:King's Game



Episode 2, flashback:King's Game

Episode 2: current time:King's Game



Fyi, George Lucas did the same thing with the Star Wars prequels and he called it poetry.


King’s Game is pure, unintentional humor. The source material is supposedly a thrilling read, so I have no idea how bad the production team botching things up.

Personally, I think King’s Game is better for this. A straight-up adaptation could have lead to an unmemorable edgelord series, like Taboo-Tattoo and Big Order.

Aaron Magulick
Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.
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