Game illustrator SILA is Rocking the World of Card Games

There are hardcore gamers who prefer RPGs and other hardcore games.Anime Video Game Controller Gif


While there is this chill gamer who prefers the chill card game and other chill games.

Love Live!


But what’s so good with card games? Well, it is because of the “ARTWORK.”Your Name

There are a lot of outstanding game illustrators in the field of card games.

Meet SILA, a Korean game illustrator of Sid StoryAge of ishtaria(saga), a former Illustrator of Devil Maker: Tokyo and many more. SILA’s artwork attracts a lot of players to the games. Not only does it attracts players, but rumor has it that many players solely look forward to her upcoming artworks in the games.

Here are some of SILA’s stunning artworks:

Sid Story:Sid Story


Age of ishtaria(saga):Age of ishtaria(saga)


Devil Maker: Tokyo:Devil Maker: Tokyo


Others:SILA Art


You can see more of SILA’S artwork on Twitter and Pixiv

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