Fuuka Creator Shares Why He Supports the Anime’s Major Story Change

Kouji Seo talks about the "selfish" reason behind the removal of a major manga scene.

Major spoilers for Fuuka follow, so don’t read if you have not watched the 10th episode of the anime or have not read the 36th chapter of the manga.


The 10th episode of Fuuka came and went on March 10th. Manga fans thought the anime was going to have the pivotal scene that sees Fuuka Akitsuki being struck by a truck and dying. The would cause Yuu Haruna to fall into depression since the two just started dating.

However, Fuuka narrowly escapes being struck. The change brought mixed feelings to fans and has led to series creator Kouji Seo to talk about why approved of the story change:

The feeling that I wanted to see Fuuka Akitsuki living is the number one reason. In the original work, Fuuka dies so that Yuu goes forward with his band activities and grows. I don’t think that choice was a mistake at all, but I received thoughts from readers that ‘it’s sad that Fuuka dies.’

“So, if they were going all out to make the anime, I was vaguely thinking about if there could be a development where Fuuka lives. At that time, the anime producer said, ‘I want to do a story where Fuuka Akitsuki lives,’ and it was certainly a godsend.”


Seo still believes that Fuuka’s death was necessary for the manga as a catalyst to spark Yuu’s growth and drive him to dedicate his being to the band. However, he did say Fuuka’s changed fate in the anime was in part a selfish desire to see her live and as a response to manga fans and the anime’s producers.

Anime producer Kensuke Tateishi commented, “When Fuuka died in the original, I thought, ‘Ah, we have to make an anime of this.’ The number one reason is that I came to desperately want to see a story where Fuuka lives.”

Director Keizou Kusakawa was worried about the change, saying, “To be completely honest, I thought changing the original work would be bad and cause fans and viewers to reject the anime.”

In the end, Kusakawa and Seo agreed to remove Fuuka’s death scene since they thought a 12 episode adaptation should not end on a depressing note and that the staff would not have enough time to expand on the effect Fuuka’s death had on Yuu.


What do you think of the anime’s change? Do you think it was a good choice or should they have followed the manga closer despite Seo’s approval?

Fuuka © Kouji Seo / Kodansha Ltd. / Diomedéa

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