‘Fire Force’ Anime’s 1st Trailer Shows Off Fiery Action

International fans know Atsushi Ohkubo for creating Soul Eater, but his Fire Force (En En no Shouboutai) is one of the hottest manga series ongoing.

The anime world has been buzzing about David Production’s upcoming adaptation. While no premiere date has been announced, David Production has released the anime’s first trailer — which features Gakuto Kajiwara (Asta in Black Clover) as Shinra Kusakabe.

Fire Force follows a firefighting team that combats spontaneous human combustion, which is caused by demonic possession. These living, fiery beings are called Infernals and later generations possess various fire powers while maintaining a human form. Shinra is one such Infernal who joins the Fire Force, and he uses his power to prevent Tokyo from burning to the ground.

Fire Force

Ohkubo launched Fire Force in 2015 and has already written 15 volumes! Kodansha Comics has licensed the manga and has recently localized the 13th volume into English.

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