Fans Are Freaking Out or Hating the New One Punch Man Season 2 News

Yonkou Productions has consistently shared anime news tips, rumors, and ahead of the game announcements before the studios officially share a press release. That’s why when they shared the news of the One Punch Man season 2 release date, everyone took it seriously.


Immediately, people were looking for answers.

Fans also were quick to compare to other popular franchises.


Other fans made the point that J.C. Staff is taking over production for Season 2. In order to reach the sky-high production values season 1 had with Madhouse animating, they likely need a longer pre-production process. The rumor floating around is that they will not produce episodes week by week (like many anime studios) and instead will produce most or all of the episodes before airing begins.


It’s not clear when we’ll hear any official comment on this matter but there is a One Punch Man event this Sunday (that we all wish we could attend.)

Looks like this will be a big Sunday to keep an eye on the news. Yonkou Productions leaves us with one final thought on the matter.

Ader Titsoff
I grew up traveling around the world with my parents who practice and teach medicine. We spent 6 years in South Asia, including Japan, and my anime obsession began there. Sports, horror, and Seinen are my favorite genres. Favorite quote: "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." by William James
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