Why Dragon Ball Z Abridged Has Been Removed From YouTube

Bad news folks, TeamFourStar’s Dragon Ball Z Abridged series has been removed from YouTube due to a copyright claim filed by Toei Animation. The group took to Twitter to reassure fans that they are working on getting things cleared up:

This isn’t the first time TeamFourStar has faced copyright issues from YouTube. Toei Animation has filed a copyright claim in the past against Dragon Ball Z Abridge, which has caused its temporary removal.

The issue comes from Japan’s lack of fair use laws that protect parodies. This is the reason why Gintama gets in occasional legal trouble with their non-Shueisha parodies. They once had to re-do the opening scene of the anime’s third season after parodying a politician.  Since Toei Animation is a Japanese company, they may not be familiar with (or care) about fair use and submit YouTube claims, even though parody videos are not against YouTube’s policy (they tend to follow the U.S. version of fair use law).

Dragon Ball Z

Fans looking to watch Dragon Ball Z Abridge can visit TeamFourStar’s website, which has all of the episodes available for viewing.

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