Classic Manga ‘Vampire Princess Miyu’ Revived in New Series

Vampire Princess Miyu holds a special place in the fandom. The gothic-horror series was among the first to be fansubbed when the OVA series was released in 1988. Those same fansubbers would go on to form AnimEigo and officially license it in 1992 – being one of the first official anime releases.

Vampire Princess Miyu

Now, the classic series is being revived as a new manga. Narumi Kakinouchi, who illustrated the original manga series, is in charge of the sequel. The sequel will be titled Vampire Princess Miyu – Saku and it is currently running in Akita Shoten’s Champion Cross digital magazine.

The original series was written by Toshiki Hirano with art by Narumi Kakinouchi. It follows an immortal vampire named Miyu. She is forced to be a guardian tasked with banishing evil entities called Shinma to the shadow realm. Before turning 15, Miyu vows to return to the shadow realm after cleansing the Earth of Shinma.

Vampire Princess Miyu

AIC and Pony Canyon produced a four-episode OVA in 1988, and AIC produced a 26-episode TV series in 1997.

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