Britney Spears is Currently Raising a Pair of Otaku Sons

Let’s talk about Britney Spear’s otaku sons for a moment.


That’s right, the international pop icon is raising a pair of anime fans.


Spears has two sons, a 12 and an 11-year-old. She doesn’t say which child is the otaku – it could be both! Either way, they are massive Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super fans.


One (or maybe both) of them also claimed Rem from Re:Zero as their waifu.

Stepsisters and waifus are the same thing in most anime these days.

While Spears hasn’t actively shared or hinted at being an anime fan on social media, she did personally request an anime-inspired music video for her 2008 single “Break the Ice.”


Maybe the celebrity family gathers around for the latest episodes of Dragon Ball Super? Either way, the 36-year-old pop icon seems to be having a lot of fun raising her two otaku sons.

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