‘BanG Dream!’ Receives 3 New Anime Projects Due to Fan Demand

BanG Dream! was the center of major announcements earlier today, showing Bushiroad’s commitment to the once-floundering franchise. Last year, an official doujin event couldn’t attract attendees and a popular LAWSON store was begging customers to buy BanG Dream! merchandise. Now, it looks like music fans can’t enough BanG Dream! in their lives.


BanG Dream! 2nd & 3rd SeasonsBanG Dream!

Bushiroad announced three major projects are coming to the franchise, with the first being two new seasons of the original anime. BanG Dream! 2nd 3rd Season will debut in January and October 2019, respectively.

Unlike season one, the anime won’t only focus on the Poppin’ Party band. The key visual includes appearances of Yukina Minato (center of the gothic J-rock band Roselia), Kokoro Tsurumaki (center of the pop-rock band Hello, Happy World!), Aya Maruyama (center of the idol-rock band Pastel*Palletes), and Ran Mitake (center of the alternative band Afterglow).

Bushiroad confirmed that CG animation studio SANZIGEN (Arpeggio of Blue SteelBBK/BRNK) will replace Xebec and ISSEN as the animation studio.


BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! ☆ PicoBanG Dream! Girls Band Party! ☆ Pico

The mini anime will premiere on July 5, and it will run within the BanG Dream! TV variety show and air on the franchise’s official Youtube channel. Bushiroad didn’t say what the anime will be about, but it’ll most likely follow the comedic day-to-day activities of the girls.

A live-stream event last month revealed a similar project titled Pastel Life, which centers on the Pastel*Palletes. Bushiroad didn’t say if the Pastel Life and Pico are related or separate projects.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! ☆ Pico will be co-produced by SANZIGEN and DMM.futureworks (Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat co-production).


A New Band Named “Argonavis”BanG Dream! Argonavis

Bushiroad announced that Argonavis, an all-male band, will make their concert debut in July. Argonavis is the franchise’s first all-male group, and it’s yet to be revealed if they will interact with the other five bands.

Voice actors Shuuta Morishima (Isobe in Kamisama Kiss), Daisuke Hyuga, and Seiji Maeda are the members of Argonavis. Their other two bandmates will be revealed at a later time.


Cross-Promotion ProjectsOngeki x BanG Dream!

Bushiroad shared other exciting news for BanG Dream! fans, which include cross-promotion projects and events.

First off, the girls will appear in Sega’s new Ongeki music arcade game, which features 3D models. BanG Dream! Girls Band Party will also receive a special pack for the popular Weiβ Schwarz card game on August 10th.

Voice actress Aimi, who performs as Kasumi Toyama, will appear in the Ao-Natsu romance movie on August 1st. Finally, The Third (Kari) band will perform their second live concert on July 7th at the MyNavi Blitz Akasaka in Tokyo.


The BanG Dream! franchise has received an influx of attention thanks to Bushiroad’s release of the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party mobile game.

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