Bandai Namco Shows Off My Hero One’s Justice Story Trailer

The video game based on the insanely popular My Hero Academia series is about to hit the shelves. Its publisher, Bandai Namco, released a new trailer to show off what will be in this much-awaited fighting game.

My Hero One’s Justice makes full use of its Sidekick System and destructible stages to highlight the Quirks of the characters. The Story Mode showed us a glimpse of its manga-like style that will tell the story from both the Hero Side and the Villain Side.

My Hero One's Justice Story Mode

We also got a sneak peek into the character customization and the game’s roster. You can level up skills, earn Hero Coins and get accessories to customize both the heroes and the villains through Mission Mode. Your customized characters can then be used and shown off in online battles.

My Hero One's Justice Customization

My Hero One's Justice Character Select

My Hero One’s Justice comes out August 23, 2018 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.

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